Monday, March 24, 2014


So, I've been perpetually busy.

In January, I started school again. Two classes and 10 hours a week for a work-from-home internship. I didn't go back to tutoring...good thing since I wouldn't have had time.

Also in January, my in-laws moved away (out of state). *insert sad face here*

In February my mother & brother bought the mobile home that my in-laws owned and has been working on fixing it up to their tastes and moving in.

Here's where I get busy: My mom has a lot of stuff. My mom has a lot of health problems. My brother has a lot of stuff. My brother works an almost full-time job. Therefore, I've been helping them clean out and move into their new place.

A chuckle for you: My brother owns a Kia Soul. You know, those little box-looking cars? Anyhow, he also owns a queen-size bed. He was doing the work on the mobile home and wanted to be able to sleep there (hoping if he was actually there he'd get the projects finished faster). He decided to enlist the help of Clone of Bob to move the bed ON the Kia. I didn't actually see this, but Clone of Bob claims that it was a sight to see. Especially since they opened the windows of the car, not the doors to strap down the mattress! They had to climb into the car from the back hatch. Priceless! I really wish I had gotten a picture of that!

A plus side: this has prompted me to clean out and simplify like I wanted to a long time ago. When I have free time, I'm finding myself cleaning out a cabinet/box/closet/room. Bob and I did our bathroom, our closet, and the kids' den this weekend.

I've started working on my duvet cover, but will not post about it until it's finished. I can create a semi-tutorial for you!

I've still got to write the post on the kitchen table set, which is pretty much finished. I need to clear-coat the top of the table, but the weather nor time has been on my side to do that particular project.