Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Remodeling

I swear I can't leave anything alone. When we bought this house (new 7 years ago) the kitchen had an island with a breakfast table attached. Do you have any idea how worthless that set up was?

So, a couple of years ago Bob and I talked about it and decided to raise the breakfast table part of this island to counter height and put storage under it. I was hoping by doing this I'd have more actual island space and less clutter on the breakfast bar.

Problem was I still could only use the end of the island as a work space. Since the breakfast table portion was narrower than the rest, it was awkward to use the whole island as a work space. So, it ended up cluttered all the time again. We fixed that yesterday!

We took the breakfast table part off again and turned it sideways. There was a little bit of counter top to cut off once we had it reattached, but not a lot. I will run some clear, waterproof caulk down the seam to keep it from growing stuff. We took out one of the bookshelves that was underneath and kept the second one and just turned it. There is space between the shelves and the cabinet, but I'm hiding my trash can and recycling basket in that space.

We still need to paint it and stuff (which never got done the last time), but I'm very happy with it! I made quesadillas on my indoor grill last night and I actually had room to spread out and build those things! 

Once we get all the trim and paint done, I'll be sure to post pics. 

This "fix" is a temporary one since I hope to replace all the cabinets with "real" ones in the near future. When you buy a mobile home, whether it be single- or double-wide the cabinets are crap unless you opt for the upgraded cabinets. I really wish I had upgraded the cabinets! I've got a whole bunch of cabinet space, but only four drawers. Drawer space is important in a kitchen!


  1. The only thing better than adding counter space is adding counter space AND storage. Great job making a dysfunctional piece into a functioning space!

  2. Thanks! I'm finally happy with it!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! So glad you finally have it the way you want it! :D

    1. Thank you! I'm still scratching my head over why they designed it the way they did in the first place.