Monday, June 23, 2014

Making My Shorts More Comfy!

I'm finding that as I get older, I really cannot stand anything restricting my waist. I would rather my pants be loose, or at least stretchy. Anyway, I have a pair of shorts that I love because the waist isn't jeans fabric, but rather a jersey knit with elastic inside.

 The Original Pair

The waistband on these shorts would give and move when I moved (or when I ate). My other pair of jean shorts did not...the waistband was seriously restrictive. Yes, If I lose weight, I'd have no problem with them, but it's too hot to wait until I lose 10 pounds to make them too big again.

I'm not really posting a tutorial for this because I want to do it again with something else to perfect the process. But I'll show you a few of the steps I took to give you an idea...

I took the waistband off

 I cut off and kept the button and button hole

I pinned them back on so I could get a measurement for the rest of the waistband.

I could have used the left over pieces of the waistband, but I wanted to go by the size of the shorts, not the waistband, which was slightly smaller (hence the reason they were restrictive).

 I then sewed the new comfy fabric and a piece of elastic to the button and button hole fabric.

Then I pinned and sewed the newly created waistband into place. It's not exactly pretty...the sewing machine was giving me problems.


  1. AWESOME idea!!!! It would be good to use for kids, too. I think Colin would prefer his waist bands to be softer.