Saturday, December 29, 2012

Homemade Febreeze?

Today, my in-laws came across a 5 tier cat tree for only $5!! We have three cats and have been looking to buy or build one for a while, but it's one of those things that always gets put off. We couldn't pass us a $5 one, though!

It needs a little work, once the weather is better we'll replace the carpeting on it (we still have the carpeting that we ripped out of our living room when we put down laminate flooring). Bob wants to re-do the bottom as well so it's a little more stable. Right now, though, the immediate issue is smell. It doesn't stink, but it does smell like it came from a smoker's house... a lot of people with allergies in my house.

So, I started searching how to make my own Febreeze since I'm completely out of it and am not going out to the store just for that.

Most of the recipes I found used fabric softener, which is considered toxic and carcinogenic.

Fake-It Frugal: Fake Febreeze

A Few Short Cuts: How To Make Your Own Febreeze

Tipnut: 4 Homemade Febreeze Recipes

So, what's the alternative if you don't want to use fabric softener? Or, if you're like me, and don't use liquid fabric softener?

Here's one using vodka, which I had been told that they use on movie sets and such to de-scent costumes.

The Conscious Shopper: Make Your Own Febreeze

However, I don't have any vodka, so that would mean making a trip... it would be cheaper to buy the Febreeze than the vodka I think.

I found one that uses either vodka or rubbing alcohol!

Not Stepford Wives: Cut the Chemicals, Ditch the Febreeze, and Make Your Own Fabric Freshener

"Homemade Fabric Refreshener

•16 ounce empty spray bottle
•Everclear, vodka, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel
•4-6 drops essential oil

Add ½ cup 100 proof vodka to a 16 ounce spray bottle.

Add ½ teaspoon essential oil of choice (or a mixture of oils).

Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water. Shake and spray!!

You can use Everclear, vodka, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. The rubbing alcohol is my least favorite, but it works. If you choose to use rubbing alcohol, remember that it will leave a scent behind for a few minutes before dissipating. Do not use this spray around an open flame.

You can also put a little bit in a small, travel size pump bottle to freshen up your car or your cubicle!

Suggested Essential Oils:
Lavender – stress reduction
Cedar – a gentile woody smell to freshen up your closet and drawers and dissuade moths from making their homes in your wool sweaters. Ceder is also great for pet beds because fleas can’t stand the smell!
Mulberry – great around the holidays
Vanilla – great base scent if you plan to add another note."

So, I'll be giving this one a try. I actually have some of the minty (is it wintergreen?) alcohol in the cupboard, and I also have some lemon-eucalyptus essential oils. I think the two scents would mingle well together.


  1. COOL!! I would never have thought to use alcohol!! I am going to have to try ts his. Frebreeze is always a little too strong for me.

  2. I’m super glad that you liked my recipe enough to share it with your readers!! It’s one of the most popular things I’ve written. I’d love it if you’d put the title of my blog here, instead of just the link and the copied/pasted material that I wrote with quotation marks around it. I think all the other blogs you posted links to deserve a mention by name as well, even if you choose not to recommend their recipes :)

    Cheers! Be Well!

  3. I will definitely update that information as soon as I figure out the best way:) Thanks!

  4. This may be a silly question to some, but since you're my friend, I hope you'll go easy on me. LOL!! I've seen scented oils in the dollar stroe Are they the same as essential oils? If not, where can I get them? Places like JoAnn's?

  5. I'm not sure they're the same thing. If you're talking about the big bottles that you can buy to put in a warmer, then no. Essential oils can be bought at health food stores and online. Walmart might carry them, but I've never looked. They might be where you'd buy soap making supplies? I bought the one bottle I have at a health food store. They're about $5-10/bottle (usually an ounce or so). But you only use drops at a time, not a whole lot.

  6. I also have a book on my Kindle app that tells you a way to make your own. I know that when I looked them up before, I read that most essential oils are actually distilled or something to that effect. But, if you're wanting them for scent and such, there is a way to make them.

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