Friday, February 17, 2017

Fly on the Wall February 2017

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 9 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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The past month has been interesting...

Clone of Bob finished high school!! I have been homeschooling him since fourth grade. It's been a long and tiring journey. We fought a lot; mainly because he's lazy. There were times when I wondered if I did him any favors by pulling him out of public school, then I see how well-behaved he is, for the most part, and remember why I did it. 

Anyway, I had always planned on having them both take their High School Equivalency Exams, mainly to give them a state-issued diploma. Back in December, I had had enough fighting with him to get him to do his work and called the college where they do the test prep locally. They took him on, and upon pre-testing declared that he was nearly ready to take his tests. Despite all the fighting with him, he still learned something, which was a relief! 

He took his last two exams last week and passed them both. We're just waiting for the diploma in the mail. Now he plans to start college in the fall, learning auto mechanics (he loves older muscle cars and would love to learn how to fix them up). 

One down, one to go!


Bob built me an office!! I've been job searching again and found a work-from-home opportunity that required that I have a private space to work in along with some other requirements. My computer was set up in the kitchen, which doesn't allow any privacy. 

Our bathroom is huge, especially since we pulled the tub out of the room (it was never used). And, our walk-in closet was a pretty good size. Bob is building a nice, big closet in our bathroom and turned our walk-in closet into my office. I also use it for craft storage, but I can shut the door if I need privacy and no one will bother me in there. 

Yes, it's messy... I'm still trying to organize it all.

Did I get the job? Not yet. As a matter of fact, every time I look, they've changed the job requirements and I don't even qualify anymore. What kind of company keeps changing their job description? I don't think I even want to work for a company like that. 


Until I find a regular, better paying job, I am working for Rev, which is a transcription company. I get paid by the audio minute, and most times don't even average minimum wage. However, it's experience and extra income until my dream job comes along.


We broke down and bought new furniture. Our recliners weren't comfortable any more and the couch and love seat were a bad purchase right from the beginning. All our black lab had to do was look at the furniture and it was covered in fur. It was never fully clean and drove me absolutely crazy.

Do not buy furniture this light when you have dark colored animals, especially microfiber...

We bought pleather (fake leather) furniture. Is it a good idea in the South where the humidity levels alone will make book pages wavy? Maybe not, but I can wipe it off with a cloth! We bought the cats a really cool cat tree in hopes of keeping them from clawing at my new furniture. We also bought a Feliway diffuser...we'll see if it works. If it doesn't, the next step will be "Soft Paws" for the cats claws. No way would I ever de-claw them. 


We also bought the cats a slow-feed dish. Two of them would eat so fast that they'd throw it back up, and the third one is overweight (we joke and call her a "cowlico" cat). 

I think, Tony, our big guy was going to lose his mind. He hates change, and really hated the idea that he'd have to go through a maze to eat his food. I think he'll be okay, though. 


  1. Loved the idea of turning your closet into a mini office. And the new furniture is great. I homeschooled my kids until they got smarter than me -- it only took a few years LOL.

    1. My daughter is way smarter than me, but still refuses to go to public school, lol! Thank goodness she seems to learn through osmosis!

  2. My youngest son has"slow" bowls for his dogs. I thought they were really cool. Didn't know they had them for cats.
    Congrats on the office and graduation of 1. Half way there lady.

    1. I saw them on "My Cat From He**" and has been thinking about it for a while.

      Hopefully #2 will be done by summer!