Monday, January 9, 2017

Blog With Friends-January 2017-Easy Fleece Hat

Welcome to Blog with Friends, January Edition!! I don't like frost and don't have fun in it, but if I have to be outside when it is frosty, my head HAS to be warm. If my head is cold, my whole body is cold!

Boo has had this had for a long time; it's her favorite. I've borrowed it a time or two and can understand why it is her favorite: it's so warm!

Anyway, it's starting to show it's age and I have already had to fix it once, so I decided to make her a new one and one for myself while I was at it.

I bought one of those cheap fleece blanket throws from Walmart for around $4. I will get approximately 5 hats out of it. Not bad for $4!

Anyway, it's really simple if you have a sewing machine and some fleece:

Pieces to cut:
A: One 8-inch diameter circle.
B: One 4 1/2" by 24" rectangle
C: One 6 1/2" by 24" rectangle

1. With right sides together, sew piece B to piece A (circle).

2. Sew back seam of piece B; if necessary, close gap at seam of pieces A and B.

3. Fold piece C in half, long direction, and sew ends together.

4. With the hat still inside out, place piece C over edge of hat (B) with the end seam edge facing up (right side facing wrong side) and sew around.

5. If necessary, trim edges of seams and then turn right side out. Finished!! (Can add trim or decoration at this point if you choose to)

You can print a copy of this pattern here, along with an 8-inch circle you can use for a pattern. Make sure that you print the actual size; do NOT scale to size, otherwise, your circle will be too small.

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  1. I love this hat. I want one in every color, and a Patriots one. And a Purdue one . . .

  2. I have a cold head and a bunch of fleece left over from my mermaid blankets. I should try this!

  3. It does look VERY warm and it looks adorable on her!

  4. I love this hat, so cute. Makes me think about digging out my sewing machine.