Friday, August 19, 2016

The Great TV Debacle-Fly on the Wall August 2016

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On July 3, we found a nice (we thought) Samsung 4K TV on clearance at Walmart for $500. We were preparing to "cut the cord" and drop our cable and wanted a smart TV, or at least one that would be easier to switch over to our Roku since we expected to be streaming more. Anyhow, we brought the TV home and set it up and had to immediately take it back to the store.

Can you see what it was doing? Something was seriously broken. So, since Bob had already bought a TV for $500, we set out to find another for around that price and headed to Sam's Club. They had a TCL Roku TV on sale for $489! We immediately bought one since the reviews looked good. We had it exactly one month and this showed up on the screen:

Really?!?! Again? I called TCL since the TV was supposed to have a one year warranty on it. They asked me to email them a picture of what it was doing. The response I got made me see red! "Unfortunately, cracked screens are not covered by the warranty." They went on to suggest that we contact the store we bought it from and see what they would do. Thankfully, Sam's Club has a 90-day return policy; we didn't exchange it for another TV of any kind. We went to our local furniture store and bought one from there with a 3-year warranty. 

Now, I have to ask you: How in the world does a TV screen crack after sitting on a TV stand for a month and no one had touched it? (No, I hadn't even cleaned it).

We are now cable-free! We already paid for Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime while we had cable. We got a 3-month Trial of CBS All-Access, and we decided to try Sling TV so we can get TNT (can't miss The Last Ship!). I am so happy with our set-up at this point. Most of the time, we can choose what we want to watch instead of flipping through channels. Paying for Sling TV brings our monthly savings to $85/month. That's more than what I spend in gas every month.


I am starting my last semester of school this month. I'm excited! I thought I was ready to go back to school, but I realized that I was still burned out almost immediately after starting in January. 

Clone of Bob should graduate this year. This is a relief to me because I have to admit that I am so sick of homeschooling that my "give a darn" is losing it's energy. Boo is easy and pretty much works independently, so she won't be so hard. Even she only has 2 years to go. 


Bob's grandmother passed away last week. While the reason for going "home" wasn't a good one, we got to see family that we hadn't seen in years and finally got the meet the new babies in the family and see how much the others have grown. Below is a pic of Boo with my great-niece.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I went home for a funeral in December, it's bitter sweet for sure seeing family but knowing why.
    We are just looking into getting rid of our cable too. Sounds like you worked out what's best for you, hope we do too.

    1. Thank you. And I hope you find something to help you get rid of the cable, too! I can't believe we paid $110/mo. extra for years. It now seems like a waste.

  2. That warranty company look like they were just trying to avoid doing their job. That isn't a crack on the screen at all. Lucky Sam's Club were more willing to help you.

    Sorry about the death of Bob's grandmother. I hope he's coping with the loss ok.

    1. Thank you, Erin, Bob seems to be doing okay.

      As far as TCL is concerned, that's exactly what I think. I think they were trying to get out of fulfilling their end of things. They'll still get the TV because Sam's will make them take it back, lol!

  3. I don't get it -- you should be able to BUY from cable what you are going to actually watch? But no.....we switched to Netflix too.

    1. Even now that I don't have cable, they keep offering me 200 channels for $35/mo for the first year. It's still $10 more than what I'm paying now. No, thank you. I don't watch 200 channels.