Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Simple, Cheap Wall Hangings

Last year, Bob and I had the whole Coat Rack Debacle and repainted the living room. I took everything off the walls to do it and never put it back up. What was there worked with the old color, but not the new one. The only things to get put back on the walls after painting was the dreaded coat rack and our clock (which, thankfully, was black and white and looks great with the gray walls).

I'm just NOW getting my walls decorated. I have never considered myself the interior designer type. I do watch a lot of HGTV, but all of those houses start looking the same if you ask me. Anyway, I'm getting off topic...

I kind of have the whole "family" or "Live, Laugh, Love" theme going in my living room, I don't want to over-do it, but more than a clock that says "Live, Love, Laugh" on it should adorn my walls, I think. Before the paint, I had these on the walls:

Bob was kind enough to trim down some left-over, thin plywood we had so that I had them all the same size. I painted them that bluish-green and used alphabet sponges to make the words. Then I trimmed them out a bit and hung them around the room using a cheap picture hanging kit (the wire, eyelets, and thumb tacks). They looked great on tan walls, but I didn't want them on the gray walls. 

At the Dollar Tree, I found some cute wall stickers that had my theme on them. However, they were gray and would have blended in with the walls. So, I looked at the back of the above plaques and chose the three in the best shape and painted them white.

I didn't realize it when I bought them, but those stickers were tedious to put on the plaques. Each, Individual. Letter. Was. Separate... Needless to say it took patience, but I got them on there.

You can't really see it, but I put a different, silver wall sticker around them. I'm not sure if that's going to work for me, but it will work for now.

The whole project cost me around $2, but if you don't already have the plaques, you could make them using just about anything and still keep it cheap.


  1. I love HGTV too and although I don't think the houses all end up looking the same, I'm well aware that they're being done by professionals. Any time I try something it looks like a kindergartener did it . . . blindfolded.
    That's why I love this project. I could do it. And even if not? I kept myself amused for about $2!

    1. You've got a point there. The more I look at them, the more mistakes I see. Thankfully I don't get a lot of company :)