Friday, December 26, 2014

Sewing Machine Cover

I finally got my own sewing machine! I've been borrowing one here and there for years now. Now that I think about it, this is my first sewing machine!

Anyway, I got a nice area set up for it so that I didn't have to pack it away every time I was done with it. However, my cats like to play with thread like all cats do. I have a terrible habit of leaving a machine threaded when I'm done with it, but the cats will un-thread it if I don't put the machine away.

Sewing machine covers can be pricey, and you still have to remove the machine from most of them in order to use it. I just wanted to cover it up so that the cats couldn't get at it. So I took the box that the machine came in and made a cover with it.


  • Box big enough to fit over your machine
  • Something to cover the box with: wrapping paper, fabric, contact paper...
  • Tape, or if using fabric, glue.
  • Scissors
  • Two washers
  • 1 shoelace

It's actually very simple, and I'm sure someone else out there has posted something similar.

Tape the top of the box closed, then cut the bottom open and cut the flaps off. You could just put your box upside down if you want and cut the top flaps off the box.

Wrap the box with your material or wrapping paper (I used wrapping paper because I wouldn't have to wait for the glue to dry).

Punch two holes in the top of the box, big enough to fit the shoelace through. Thread the shoelace into both holes from the outside of the box.

On the inside of the box, place a washer over each shoelace, all the way down to the holes. Tie the shoelace into a knot over each washer.

And now you have a sewing machine cover with a handle!


  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! I love this idea!!!!!

    YAY for the sewing machine!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    BTW, I have some of that same wrapping paper. LOL

  2. LOL! I found it when cleaning out some stuff... I'm glad you love! The cats have left the machine alone, which was the goal.