Thursday, October 9, 2014

Replacing My Hard Drive?

I've been back and forth since I got that notification from my computer on whether to fix it or to just buy a new one.

I've decided to try to fix it, even though I read some horror stories on how hard it is to do.

However, I decided to dig a little deeper. I'm fairly handy...most of the time. I found two YouTube videos on how to replace the hard drive, and it didn't really look that hard. Yes, it's more difficult than other computers because the hard drive is under the motherboard. I think I can do it!

A new hard drive (500 Gb) is only around $40 for my computer (Dell Inspiron 14R). If it doesn't work, I'm out $40, but if it works, I don't have to spend $500+ on a new computer...especially since they all come with Windows 8, and everyone in my house knows that I really dislike 8 (but love 7).

I also found information on how to make my own Windows 7 install disc because my computer didn't come with one. I tried to make a system image since the computer is still working (barely), but it would have required a lot of discs. I don't mind starting from scratch since everything important is backed up already.

So, maybe in a week or so I won't have to borrow a computer or use my tablet or the old, old laptop that barely works!

I'll probably post about it whether or not I'm successful including links to the information I found.

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