Thursday, July 10, 2014

Had a Great Trip, Now It's Time to Get Back to Business

We had a wonderful trip visiting family in New York State. We had a lot of great food, saw people we hadn't seen in years (and, unfortunately, missed a few as well).

Binghamton, NY is very proud of the six wooden carousels they have. We were able to get to one of them. The next time we go up, we hope to take the time to ride all six, just so we could say we did.

Binghamton Carousels

You're never too old for a carousel ride!!

We also went up to Cayuga Lake. Poor Boo sliced her foot on the rocky shore, but they still had a blast.
 What a ham!
Those rocks can be mean, but very cool to see.

The rest of the trip was visiting and lots of food.


  1. YAY!!! Glad you all had such a good time! I love the idea of going on all the carousels! HOW COOL!!!!

  2. Thank you! I lived there for around 10 years and I don't think I rode them all.