Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update on Cinnamon & Quitting Smoking.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the benefits of Cinnamon for Blood Sugar.  I am happy to report that I've been taking cinnamon for almost 4 weeks and I feel a lot better than I did. I take 1,000 mg each morning, and I can eat regular cereal again in the mornings. Not that I should, it's just good to know that I can.

I broke down and purchased a 3 month supply of Smoke Deter. The reviews I read online (Amazon and other places) were good for the most part. I have been using it for a week and I haven't quit yet, but I seem to be smoking less. One side effect I'm finding is that I'm not snacking as much. I don't recommend this as a weight loss supplement, but if you're worried about gaining weight when you quit smoking, this may help.

I'll keep you updated on the smoking... it can take up to three months for you to finally quit. One complaint I have is that this product came with no instructions other than what was on the bottles: "Adults and children over 12, spray twice under the tongue three times per day. For children under 12, consult a doctor prior to use." I certainly hope no one knows a child under 12 that needs to quit smoking!


  1. YAY!!!!!! So glad the cinnamon is working!!! And good luck with the Smoke Deter! One of the main things people complain about when quitting is the weight gain!

  2. Yeah, I weighed myself yesterday, just to see, and I've lost 4 lbs. I could also be because I've been cutting back on my sugar intake. But, the Smoke Deter helps keep me from craving sugar, so I guess it does help, lol!