Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trying It Out- Cinnamon for Blood Sugar

I've mentioned before that I've been having issues with my blood sugar. I'm not sure if I'm hypoglycemic or diabetic. I know I need to be seen by a doctor, but at this time I don't have health insurance. A doctor is not in the budget.

So, I started looking into some herbal therapies that might help with blood sugar control. The one I saw the most, with reported results, was CINNAMON!

These Top Seven Herbs Promote Healthy Blood Sugar and Support Diabetes (Cinnamon is at the top of the list)

Home Remedies to Lower Blood Sugar Fast (cinnamon is listed as also lowering triglyceride and cholesterol)

Diabetes Home Remedy (cinnamon is the fourth listed)

I know I had seen more information when I originally did the search, but didn't keep track of where I saw what, unfortunately.

Anyhow, on February 1, 2013, I started using cinnamon every morning. Days later, I am feeling better. Not 100% yet, but I haven't had a blood sugar spike/drop since Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

I put it in my coffee- that didn't work well because it floated all to the top and I had this foamy mess in my coffee.

I put it in tea, same issue, it floated to the top and made a mess.

I put it in unsweetened apple sauce... the first time it was disgusting because I didn't add any sweetener to it. The second time it was much better because I added a tiny bit of stevia to it.

I also bought some Kashi Go Lean cereal because it says it has as much protein in one serving as an egg. I figured out that I could add my cinnamon to the cereal, and as long as I drink the milk when I'm done, it's pretty good. It also improves the flavor of the Kashi (Honey Almond Flax).

I plan to buy the cinnamon caplets and using them, it would make my busy mornings a lot easier to deal with.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. This is just some guidelines I found on the Internet.


  1. You need to add a pic so I can PIN this!!!!! LOL

  2. I'm adding cinnamon pills to the grocery list this week! This is definitely worth a try, especially if you think it's already helping you. Thanks Eileen!!

  3. I hope it helps you as well! The cinnamon pills I bought say to take two twice a day, but I'm only taking them once a day. I figure if 1/2 tsp. was helping, then I don't need to use too much.

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