Monday, January 21, 2013

Whiteboard Cleanup

I keep a whiteboard on my refrigerator. I used permanent marker to write the lines and such on it so I wasn't having to constantly rewrite what I wanted to stay there all the time.

I recently rearranged some things and need to move it to the other side of my fridge, which is not as wide as the right side. So, I need to turn it.

I accidentally figured out that you can erase permanent marker from a whiteboard using a dry erase marker. So, here's how.

There's my dirty board. As you can see, the marker is wearing off already, so it needed to be redone anyway.

First: color over the permanent marker with your dry erase marker, then wipe off:

Do this with everything you want to remove. I wipe it off with a paper towel.

As you can see it isn't ALL gone, but most of it is. I will go over it with some of L.A.'s Awesome cleaner before rewriting on my board.

Finished! The blue permanent marker is still there, faintly, but it doesn't interfere with what I wanted to do with it. The black writing is permanent marker, the blue is dry erase.

This will work on other non-porous surfaces. We had written our kids' names on their 4-wheeling helmets and when they grew out of them and we put them up for sale, I was able to get the name off of one with this method, but the other had a non-shiny surface and the marker had bled, so there was no way to get it off.

Hopefully it's an inspiration or help to someone!