Monday, April 10, 2017

A Fresh Start for the Kitchen- BWF April 2017

Welcome to Blog with Friends the "Fresh" edition!

I seem to tire of the color of my kitchen cabinets every five years.

When we bought the house (double-wide) new in 2007, this was the kitchen.

It wasn't bad, just a little bland. I ordered the walls that cream color on purpose. I intended to paint them eventually. Sadly, we've been here almost ten years and the only thing that has been painted was the cabinets.

I painted the cabinets in 2012:

While it looked pretty when it was first done, I quickly grew disgusted with the color. I started painting another section of the kitchen a cream color, but that was worse because of the cream-colored walls. Then, a while later, Bob and I stripped the top section of cabinets above the this day, I don't remember what the reasoning was on this.

In the end, I had 3 different colored cabinets in my kitchen! I wanted to paint them last year, but I was convinced not to because we planned to rip it all out anyway. To do that, and put in new is way more money than we have right now. I know it'll be at least two years before we can even think about doing new cabinets, so I decided to move forward with my plans.

I started by painting the cabinets, yet again, black. I used about two quarts, about $20 worth of paint. Here, I'll tell you to learn from my mistake. I bought Rustoleum paint from Walmart and the stuff bubbled as it dried! I've never seen paint do that! I now have "textured" cabinets and I'm not thrilled with it. If you look from a distance you can't see it, so I just need to stay out of the kitchen. Maybe I'll lose weight.

I kept my original hardware (knobs) because that stuff is expensive! I'll replace it when we put in new cabinets.

I bought contact paper to use as a backsplash. I bought mine from the Dollar Tree. While I only spent $5 on it, it wasn't the greatest choice because you cannot match up the pattern from roll to roll. This is the obvious reason it was at the Dollar Tree. However, it's temporary for me, so I'll live with it.

To apply the contact paper, I used a razor, scissors, and a damp cloth (for smoothing).

Before applying the contact paper, make sure that the walls are clean and smooth. Remove outlet covers and other objects on the walls. I have seams like the one in the pic above due to the fact that I have a manufactured home. Not everyone will have to deal with those things. 

Carefully, and slowly apply the contact paper to the wall, keeping it even and bubble-free. Use your razor around the outlets to cut out the holes for the outlets and smooth in place.

I'm pleased with the results, and I might just leave this kitchen alone until we can completely gut it. I still have to paint the rest of the walls, but the bulk of the work is finished for very little money!

I probably spent less than $50, but I could have gone higher if I had bought the "diamond plate" self-sticking foil that I had originally intended to put in as a backsplash. However, Clone of Bob convinced me to put that on his furniture in his bedroom, so I decided it would be too much if I used it in the kitchen, as well.

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  1. Your kitchen looks fantastic! I am drooling over your stove and oven. I live in Japan and my kitchen is the size of a broom closet. We only have one burner and an oven that doubles as a microwave. I do manage to cook but your kitchen is a palace, I can only imagine what kind of wonderful meals you have been cooking up.

    1. Thank you!! That was one of the things that sold me on this floor plan. We were previously living in a single-wide mobile home and the kitchen was dinky. Barely any cabinet space or counter space, so I feel your pain.

  2. I'm impressed, you made such a huge change in your kitchen and for almost no money. Great job.

  3. I applaud your courage, dedication and hand-ness (is that a word?)
    I can't see the bubbles, and I think you did a fabulous job starting fresh your kitchen decor all over again! Here's to many happy meals!

    1. Yes, the meals are much "easier" to cook when you don't hate your kitchen. Thank you!

  4. I never thought to use contact paper as a backsplash! So clever! The kitchen looks great. Thank you for the tip on the paint - we're planning to paint our kitchen cabinets white this summer and will need to stay away from that rustoleum paint!

    1. Valspar from Lowe's works pretty good for cabinets. However, I've been told that the best paint for cabinets is a very good chalk paint. It runs about $30 per quart, but goes very far and lasts forever. I didn't really plan far ahead enough to go for the chalk paint.

  5. I love the backsplash idea! I am about to have a kitchen that I will want to fix up, so you've given me some great ideas!

    1. I'm happy to help! You'd be surprised at what patterns of contact paper you can find when you shop online.

  6. I have that same contact paper in black for my new kitchen! Great minds think alike!!