Thursday, December 4, 2014

Finally, Help for My Keurig!

We finally broke down and bought a Keurig back in February. I love it! However, it is not cheaper than making coffee the old fashioned way with a coffee maker.

On average, we pay about $0.48/K-Cup. Sometimes we can get them cheaper using coupons, but not much. I tried the store brands of a few, but they just aren't that good.

We make three cups of coffee a day. I drink two and Bob drinks one. If you break that down, we're spending around $36/month on coffee. That's a lot considering I was buying Maxwell House and spending around $10/month. Is Maxwell House comparable in taste to the Donut Shop K-Cups? No, but it was drinkable. What isn't drinkable is when you put the Maxwell House into the My K-Cup thing and brew it in your Keurig.

Until now... I found a hack online that actually made my Maxwell House coffee taste ALMOST as good as a K-Cup made in my Keruig! I found an Instructable and tried worked like a charm! Get a STRONGER Brew from your My K-cup.

Does this mean that I'll make every cup of coffee this way? No, I'm not awake enough before my first cup of coffee to put all that together, but my second cup can and will be done this way.

While searching for images for this post, I came across something interesting... you can buy the empty K-cups with the filters inside them. However, the smallest quantity I could find was something like 6,000. It think it'll be a while before something like that is available for the general public, although it would be nice. (sorry, no pics...I couldn't find one online that I felt comfortable stealing and I was too lazy to take one.)



  1. YAY for cheaper!! YAY for better tasting. I'll have to take your word for it though. Coffee, BLECK!!! ;)

  2. The Keurig makes other stuff, but it's not worth buying if you aren't going to make coffee :)

  3. Have you checked at Bed Bath and Beyond? I found ones there for ours that have the mini, one use filters. I think they were about $10.

  4. I just looked it up again. It is called EZ-Brew perfect pod, and I found it on Amazon as well.

  5. The only thing I like better than finding cheaper ways to get what I need is having friends who do and share the info!

  6. Makes it easier for you, lol! :-)